Welcome to another post. This time I want to go over a very current and urgent subject which is lockdown pt. 2. As we already are one week into this lockdown here in UK, I thought I share some thoughts and useful tips that hopefully will help you with getting through this tough times.

Lockdown is not easy for anyone, but there are some things you can do to take your mind of the subject and actually come out of this as a better person. I want to share with you some tips and facts, some might be obvious, but the more people talk about it the higher chance for the people in need to find what they are looking for.

So, keep on reading to find out what you could do to help yourself and hopefully others around you in those difficult times.

1. Stay active

For me staying active is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit, happier and free from worry. For some of you it might sound like a cliché but there are many studies that will back me up on this one. So, do whatever you prefer but please stay active. I know we are allowed only 1 exercise outdoor each day, but this should not stop you from exercising at home as well. There are many virtual challenges, online classes etc. that should keep you going whatever your activity is. Even when watching Netflix in the evening try to squeeze in some exercise, whether it will be few sets for core or maybe a stretching routine. Just stay active as much as possible!

2. Don’t eat poorly

Just because we supposed to sit at home most of the day does not mean we also should become lazy and not cook for ourselves and do essential shopping on your own (if you are afraid going to the shop you can always have shopping delivered to your door). So, if you had a healthy eating habits before please don’t let them go to waste, and if you haven’t yet started healthy eating now is very good chance to start as most of us have more time on our hands than usual. This means that instead of ordering ready foods and waiting for it while doing nothing you should get to the kitchen and cook your own meal. Maybe invite children or partner to help and this way you can make it quite fun together time.

3. Stay connected

And no, I don’t mean connected to social media and pointless scrolling or surfing web. What I mean is, if we cannot see our families and friends in real life at least try to stay connected with them online. This way you can show your support to them as well as receive invaluable support from them. If you don’t have internet or camera at least make that phone call. This will definitely help a little bit to feel less lonely. Also, good idea might be to motivate each other with family or friends and do a video conference and train together. Or throw an online party. Whatever that would be will benefit your mind.

4. Work on personal growth (books, webinars, online courses etc.)

Don’t waste your whole time on sitting in front of tv or computer. There are better and far more productive ways to spend your free time. With more time on hands make sure to spend it wisely for personal growth as a person as well as improving your skills in any subject that you like. Personally I like reading self-development books, but the list is so long that I would not even know where to start now so if you would like to know more about the subject please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Then there are books on the subjects you like and find interesting. For me those would be books related to fitness, specifically about training programmes and healthy eating. This way I can spend time on things that will matter in the future. There is also plenty of opportunity to start some online course (there are loads for free as well) and gain extra skills and knowledge. I’m not saying you should avoid watching TV and being lazy on the sofa completely (come on, who doesn’t do it every now and then😊) but make sure to leave it for evening, as a reward for example after spending the day actively.

5. Find a new hobby

This might sound strange, especially if you already have a hobby, but if you are not able to do what you like now than try to find something else that you may be always wanted to do but had more important hobbies first. Or try to find a completely new thing if you didn’t have anything in mind. By finding new hobby which you can develop now you will take your mind of the situation around you and hopefully will help you get through these times. For me one of such things that I wanted to do but always thought there are better and more important hobbies to do was writing a book. And I don’t mean a book that most fitness related people would write, about training and nutrition (but maybe will do one day as well 😊) but a Science Fiction book. So now, I finally have more time to learn and develop my skills in writing books and who knows, maybe will finally start one.

6. Try to look on the bright side and appreciate what you’ve got

Many people might get depressed by the thought of sitting at home and not be able to go out too much. If you have a family or friends that you live with make the most of the time spent together. This is a chance to slow down our pace of life a little bit and appreciate what we already have. If you live on your own and there are no other household members then look back at point no 3, stay connected. Instead of worrying about tomorrow pick up the phone and call family, friends or someone who you have not spoke with for a while.

This is the list of important things we can do during these tough times to make it a little bit easier. The order is random, but I think some of the things are equally important. If you have your own list, that’s great. I’m not saying above 6 points are the only ones that matters or that you need to follow them all. But the more you choose and more you take your mind of current situation the better.

No need to worry anymore, find someone to talk to if needed, try not to be alone and look out to the future!

If I could be of any help to you then please, please get in touch. It doesn’t have to be anything related to training and nutrition. If something bothers you and you think I could help then get in touch.

All the best dear reader!