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Struggling to lose or gain weight?

Struggling to make better and healthier food choices?

I want to TEACH YOU how to do it right! You will be filled with a lot of useful information and knowledge that you can apply to see the results. But most importantly I want to help you build healthy relationship with food so you can have the best and lifetime lasting result.

I’m not a fan of writing a strict meal plan because of few things:

1. This puts clients in a place where they might develop a bad relationship with food.

2. After duration of the programme, many clients when they see good results think that process is finished and unfortunately go back to old eating habits.

3. Unless you want to prepare for competition where following a strict meal plan is necessary, it is better to learn how to choose wisely and be more concious about what and how much you eat to keep positive lifelong changes and make a healthy eating a habit you will stick to!

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