Healthy Lifestyle E-Book

In this e-book about healthy lifestyle, I want to take you on a journey through topics related to training, nutrition and mindset. Each of those play vital role in contribution to better health and wellbeing, and good quality of life.

This short, informative e-book is pretty basic, so it is easy to understand and implement changes.


3 reviews for Healthy Lifestyle E-Book

  1. Richard Baker

    This is a great starter book, for those new to health and fitness trying to find their way through the miasma of information out there. Or for people who have lost there way and are trying to recentre their focus.

  2. Paula

    Great read, full of interesting information. Makes you reconsider your food choices and helps to improve your healthy eating and lifestyle overall.

  3. Bethany McEwen

    Such a helpful book and really helps if you’re new to the world of fitness!

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