want to eat healthy, but not sure what to make? Or how?

Inside this recipe book you will find:


  • 30 delicious snacks recipes,
  • list of ingredients,
  • easy to follow written and video instructions,
  • barcode that will enable you to upload recipes to MyFitnessPal tracking app,
  • clear macronutrients breakdown so you know exactly what you eat!


worth £5.99

Holistic approach to healthy lifestyle includes not only mindset and training, but also balanced nutrition. With that in mind I wanted to give you a choice of tasty and in most cases easy recipes to make so that following a boring diet can be forgotten.
In this recipe book you can find colourful and full of flavour dishes that will satisfy
even the most demanding taste buds.

below are examples of recipes you can find in this cookbook


Macros per serving
201 Calories, 29g Carbs, 10g Protein, 5g Fat
If you’re looking for an alternative to the usual sandwich/salad for lunch, these sweet and savoury fritters fit the bill perfectly.
The refreshing Tzatziki dip cools down the heat from the herbs and spices in the fritters. 


Macros per serving
196 Calories, 16g Carbs, 6g Protein, 12g Fat
Energy balls are the perfect, no-bake, healthy snack on the go! Filled with good-for-you ingredients, they take minutes to make and are easy to carry around with you.
And you’re also getting your chocolate fix -
what’s not to like?


Macros per serving
123 Calories, 6g Carbs, 9g Protein, 7g Fat
This easy to make snack is the perfect, low-carb way to satisfy your pizza cravings.
Healthy courgette replaces stodgy pizza base, drastically reducing calories.
Topped with tomato puree, peppers, red onion, cheddar and oregano, takeaway pizza
will become a thing of the past!

worth £5.99

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