About me

where it all started

I trained sport from the very young age, beginning with karate at age 6. I trained for about 6 years and when I was 10 I also started to play football. Then at age 12 I had to choose one of them, as I had opportunity to join very good football team but had to train a lot more hours so decided to sacrifice karate and focus on football. After 3 years, when I was almost 15 me and my parents moved to England, I still played football but it was not the same for me. So I stopped, did not know what to do for some time, until one day decided to go to gym with a friend. And it was love at first sight. I finally found my sport and my place. That was beginning of my passion and it is since then. But after few years I have lost a bit of motivation, I had few injuries not always related to sport, not much progress and I almost gave up. And that is when another great idea came to my mind. How can I keep myself motivated I asked? By helping others! So I decided to try this path, by training and learning to become better version of myself not only for me but for others. I was once again a happy, passionate and very motivated about what I do. I qualified as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer to change other people lives, just as I could change mine.

And here I am, trying to reach as many people as possible, because everyone deserves better! Better health, wellbeing, mood, mind and body, which ultimately leads to a better life!

Make a Change


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”