Lack of trust in yourself.

I see this when a client first starts training with me, I saw it from clients in the past and also from people in the gym I talk to daily.

And if left untreated, it’s something that can really hold you back from achieving your goals.

For a newbie, it’s the belief that you’re “doing the exercise wrong” or “won’t be able to stick with it.”

First of all, it’s my job as a personal trainer to make sure you’re doing the exercise correctly and safely.

So there’s no need to even think about that.

As for not being able to stick with it, maybe that’s something that’s happened to you in the past and, for good reason, you’re feeling anxious that it could happen again.

Just remember, not being able to stick with it isn’t a fact.

It’s a belief and a decision that you’ve made and that you can change!

I’ve seen this happen during the summer months, in particular. A vacation is coming up, and someone decided to cram in a bunch of extra workouts before getting on the plane because they “don’t have the discipline” to exercise while on vacation or “don’t have the willpower” to say “no” to the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Again, these are not facts. They are beliefs and decisions that we’ve made for ourselves. Once we realize that making a new decision is all that is required to change our behaviour, life becomes much less complicated.

One last thing on trust.

If you don’t trust yourself, maybe what you’re really saying is that you don’t trust some of the beliefs you’ve formed and the decisions you’ve made.

Change them, and watch the trust in yourself go through the roof.

Your coach