I would like to call it revolution this time as what I will say might be revolutionary for many of you. Or if it’s not maybe at least will help you realise that even if you knew this it is time to put into practice.

I think it will not be exaggeration if I say that almost every human in the world at least once made a new year’s resolution…and failed! I know, it sounds unbelievable but that’s how it is. I am no different, it happened quite few times before (and I don’t mention 2020 when the situation in the world stopped many people from making their dreams come true and achieving their goals). I mean we are humans and failure are inevitable in many life’s aspects, but what matters the most is that no matter how many times we fail, to keep learning and moving forward.

I don’t want to sound like Mr. Know It All, because I don’t know it all, but looking back at my mistakes and people I know I would like to stop you from making the same mistakes.

I want to give you few tips for making your “to do list” challenging enough to keep you motivated but more realistic, so you don’t finish year demotivated and disappointed.

1. Make realistic goals for the year.

Whether it will be sport related, healthy lifestyle change, a trip somewhere, maybe some gift for yourself to look forward to buying. Whatever that will be for you make sure that you don’t have your head too high in the clouds while thinking about those things and that goal is approachable.

For example, if you never been a sport person don’t try to start the year going all in and workout everyday as this might put too much pressure for you mentally and physically and you might end up loosing interest or worst, injured. I am not saying don’t start training, what I’m trying to say is take it slowly, get your body and mind used to physical effort.

Another example, buying some gift for yourself and/or family like computer, bike/car, a holiday (the list of things here could be endless), make sure you aim for something that is possible to get by the end of the year. Otherwise, you will feel unsatisfied if you don’t buy something or to get it might do some things which you will regret in the future, like working too long hours and being away from family or will get a loan which will leave you in debt and stress for few years.

2. Every change whether physical or mental takes time.

Don’t expect to be in great shape after a month of training or dieting if you never been before.

Don’t think you will suddenly be a lot more confident and more open socially if you never been before.

Don’t expect big changes in short time, there is no magic.

Saying that my intention is not to put you off and stop you from trying. It is actually the opposite. Once you know that things that put you in the current place didn’t happened over night you will be more aware that they will also not turn around overnight. Make sure that whatever the plan you have made to stick with it long term and you will see the wanted results. Don’t quit too early, what you are looking for might be just around the corner!

3. Dream on.

This might sound a bit contradictory to 2 previous points, but I think you need to have some unrealistic dreams on your list as well. Even if they are not achievable this year or next, they will push you and keep you motivated long term to try and reach them in the future. Don’t settle for less or only the comfortable things. You know you are capable of doing more and better. I know you can!

As you can see there is a mix of things on this list, from realistic to very unrealistic and that is the whole point. If there were just easy and achievable things people might lose motivation quickly but if there would only be things that are not possible to achieve easily or for many people at all (like buying a Ferrari if you don’t have so much money or take part in Mr. Olympia this year if you never trained before) it would most likely end the same way.

What will actually land on your goal list for 2021 and future is completely up to you. This is just my small advice how it can be done so it will be challenging but not demotivating.

All those above might sound harsh, but I’m always honest. And don’t get me wrong, you need to be a bit of a dreamer and optimistic if you want to keep moving forward and develop skills and yourself as a better human.

Let’s hope this year will be back to normal, but even if not don’t make it stop you from achieving your goals!

All the best, stay safe, healthy, and strong!