Let’s start from simple answer: there is no best training. Although there are targeted trainings depending on your goal, for example powerlifting training will have different approach to that for bodybuilding. Endurance training will be different from them both etc.

There are some guidelines that should be followed to achieve desired goal results but in this post I don’t want to go into detail of targeted training.

So, the best training for you is the one you will stick with and will follow the plan with smile on your face (although quite often there will be grimace of pain and discomfort on your face while doing some exercises) but all in all you will be happy to do it all over again day after day, week after week and month after month.

To honestly answer this post’s question you need to ask yourself what is it that you really like doing. What it will be depends on your individual preferences for type of exertion and exercises you like. Of course, we are talking here about average person that don’t have specific athletic goal in mind. If you just want to work on your body shape for yourself then you don’t have to kill yourself in the workouts. No pain no gain is not always a good approach to follow.

With athletes though, those advanced and the ones that want to go out on stage or take part in that powerlifting event one day, it is much different approach. They need to have specific plan with all the training aspects included and quite often some form of exercise they don’t like, to say it at least. But because the specific goal they have in mind, many times there isn’t any other way to accomplish what they dreamed for. Of course, in many plans and training systems there will be some tweaks to the workout that will vary from athlete to athlete and from coach to coach, but in each sport there will be some guidelines that will need to be followed.

As you can see choosing the right type of training for yourself might not always be the easiest, as usually training plan, just like nutrition should be developed and designed to suit everyone’s different needs and capabilities.

Remember you need ask yourself and honestly answer what your goals, needs and capabilities are and what form of exercise you enjoy the most. Some people will prefer resistance training then cardio (like me 😊), some other way around. Some might like lifting heavy weights while others might prefer muscle endurance workouts. It is totally variable and depends on many factors. So as long as you not planning to be professional athlete make sure to choose type of training that will give you most joy and satisfaction.

But it is good for your mental and physical health to sometimes get out of your comfort zone and do something challenging. Once completed it will give you very big boost of confidence and will motivate you to keep going.

Even if you are planning to be professional athlete it is still better to choose some discipline that you enjoy, not the one you think will bring most money or fame in the future, because usually those factors are not motivating enough if you don’t enjoy what you do!

Bear in mind though, that whatever you do as long as you do something, is much better than doing nothing!

Whatever your goal and dream is, I wish you all the best dear reader. Have fun, stay consistent, enjoy the journey and results will come!

If you struggle with anything, just message me and I will be glad to help.